Friday, 14 March 2014

Seeking Assistance for Chronic Fatigue

The role of assistance or support in dealing with chronic fatigue cannot be overemphasized. It is therefore advisable that you solicit support as soon as the condition is suspected. In the first place, assistance will be required in establishing a diagnosis, considering the myriad of emotions sufferers go through.

You may feel frustrated, depressed, overwhelmed, anxious or even angry. These emotions are commonplace, even though they may not help you get better. The answer to managing these emotions and dealing with chronic fatigue is to get support.

Support is available at different levels. Support at the emotional level helps you to express how you feel in a productive manner, such that you can use them to get better. Emotional support provides you with a positive outlet.
The most available form of emotional support exists within your immediate family and friends. It is important for your recovery that your friends and family are supportive of what you’re going through. They may not be able to help you manage your chronic fatigue but having their understanding and support is extremely helpful.

Support can also be in the form of education or enlightenment. Physicians, counsellors, therapists and other practitioners are very conversant with chronic fatigue and can help you understand what you’re going through, help you find treatment options and help you learn about resources in your area.

This is an area where you can choose who you surround yourself with. If you are not happy with a doctor or therapist, you can find another one. And this is important, because you need to feel comfortable with your physicians and or therapists. You need to be able to communicate freely, and trust your medical advisors.
Another valuable source of support is the numerous people diagnosed with chronic fatigue. In them alone exists a huge community of support. There are online support groups, community support groups and associations all designed to help you live your best life.

Take advantage of these support groups. They’ll help you manage your symptoms by providing valuable suggestions and honest feedback. They’ll provide resources and education about chronic fatigue and they’ll help you wade through your emotions and physical debilitations.
When you’re suffering from a condition like chronic fatigue, the support you find and surround yourself with can make all the difference.

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